Soft starters (motor controllers), type MCI B

For smooth start and stop with brake

  • Adjustable acc. time 0-10 seconds
  • Initial torque adjustable from 0-85%
    with or without kick start
  • Adjustable DC injection brake, 0-50 A dc
  • Fast acting brake mode with aut. motor field reduction
  • Automatic stop detection
  • Universal control voltage: 24-480 V ac/dc
  • Slow speed function, 7.5% / 10% of nom. speed
  • SCR aux. contacts for control of by-pass, I-O and mechanical brake
  • Aut. detection of missing phases
  • Aut. adaptation to 50/60 Hz
  • Unlimited start/stop per hour
  • Compact DIN rail mountable design
MCI 25B motor controller with brake is designed for soft starting and braking of 3-phase AC motors.
During braking the MCI 25B will apply a DC current to all the windings of the motor, thus providing a powerful brake function.
The automatic stop detection ensures a safe operation. For positioning applications the unique slow speed function can be applied.