Soft starters (motor controllers), type MCI

For smooth start and stop

  • Individual adjustable acceleration and deceleration times, up to 60 seconds
  • Initial torque adjustable from 0 - 85%
  • Breakaway function (Kick Start)
  • Universal control voltage: 24-480V ac/dc
  • Automatic detection of missing phases
  • Automatic adaptation to 50/60 Hz
  • LED status indicator
  • Built-in varistor protection
  • Unlimited start/stop operations per hour
  • Optional aux. contacts
  • Compact DIN rail mountable design
Covering the power range from 0.1 to 22 kW, the MCI soft starters are ideal for a wide range of start and stop applications where smooth operation is required.

Use them on pumps, compressors, fans, conveyors, gear or belt driven machinery and countless other types of equipment.

MCI is designed for unlimited number of operations per hour and is just as easy to specify and install as an ordinary contactor.